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Reseach Areas


Noninvasive Diagnostics

Medical device suite supports efficient diagnoses and treatment plans to deliver timely results at the point-of-care.

Preventative Vaccines

Platform application to address infectious disease and a wide range of variants.



Solutions to treat cancerous cells and suppress autoimmune disorders to relieve symptoms with immunotherapy.


Capabilities to counter biological threats intended to make our defenses vulnerable.

Our Vision


Concord Medical Technology Corporation is a dedicated university spin-off that specializes in innovative, therapeutic medical solutions.  The premiere research and development organization collaborates with academia and federal Government agencies to address critical areas in healthcare.  The company focuses on leading-edge research areas including noninvasive diagnostic devices, vaccine development, and immunotherapy.  The company's mission is to address critical areas in healthcare to support the delivery of quality care with an emphasis on early detection, precision medicine, and a patient-centric approach.  Core values include integrity, service, and excellence.

Concord Medical partners with healthcare organizations to develop safe interventions that address clinical unmet needs to provide cost-effective solutions.  The company delivers certain product innovations to target healthcare areas through collaboration with world-class researchers and organizations.  

Joseph D. Allen Jr.


Joseph is from Grand Forks Air Force Base, North Dakota and received his M.S. in Biomedical Engineering at UND where his research focused on the application of machine learning to enable remote, or noninvasive, detection of the analytes in a comprehensive metabolic panel clinical blood test.  The research activities included prototype development, clinical trials, and regulatory considerations.  NASA sponsored the research, and Joseph was invited and subsequently presented the project, at the International Astronautical Congress in Washington D.C.  Joseph initiated the research and launched the spin-off company to create efficiencies in healthcare provider organizations, and ultimately improve the quality of life for the patient.  Joseph's interests include technology, policy, and entrepreneurship.  He enjoys spending time with family, exercising, and learning about other cultures.


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